Brief Introduction to Shri Shri Suvidyendra Teertha Shreepadaru

Tatva JnAna is the real jnAna or knowledge about the absolute truth, which is to know the natural fundamental five fold differences among eEsha, Jeevas & Jadas, the real world that is visible and limitations & gradations among jeevas and Jadas. There is one and only one para tatva also known as Shri Vishnu ParamAthma, who is beyond Kshara, Akshara and Jadas. Knowing this para tatva is the only means of getting liberated from this dreadful samsAra and ultimately reaching the abode of the para tatva i.e Shri Vishnu ParamAthma. The question now arises, how and what are the means to know this para tatva vichAra? The answer to this question is simply performing sAdhana through dedicated/devoted nithya shravana pArAyana and manana of sacred tatva Shastra Gramthas like Shrimadh BhAgavatha, Shrimadh RamAyana, Shriman MahAbhAratha & Agamas and practice what is mentioned (in the Sadh Gramthas) to the best of our ability. By constantly performing dedicated tatva Shastra shravana, the unequalled devotion or Bhakthi towards our Lord Shri Vishnu will be attained leading to libaration or Moksha.

The lOka pAvani, holy Gange river purifies not just dvijas, but everyone who gets a dip with right anusandhAna. In the same way, anyone who pleases Shri Raghavendra swamigaLu, they are assured of Shri rAyara anugraha Gange. Shri Shri 1008 Shri SuvidyEndra theertha ShripAdaru is undoubtedly Shri rAyara jnAnada Bhageeratharu, i.e. who brought Shri rAyara jnAna Gange to all sadh Vaishnavas. It’s no exaggeration to say Shri ShripAdaru is mukhya prathima of Shri rAghavendra swamigalu.

Shri shripAdaru is a prakhAnda tapasvigaLu, has adhbhutha pAndithya in Shrimadh Acharyara shAstra and extremely kind hearted towards devotees. Shri ShripAdaru is not only an expert/authority in Shri vyAsa sAhithya, but also in Shri Hari dAsa sAhithya. The scholarship of Shri ShripAdaru is unmatched. Shriman nyAya Sudha Gramtha is best known to the scholars who are well versed in Shrimadh Acharyara Shastra. Suruchi, ruchira, sugandha and surasOpEtha adige/bhOjana will be first known through great parimaLa. In the same way, anyone who wants study Shriman nyAya Sudha has to first undergo the adhyayana of Shri rAyara parimaLa gramtha.

Shri Shri 1008 Shri SuvidyEndra theertharu gave the sangraha and anuvAda of Shri rAyara parimaLa Gramtha in Kannada known as “Shri ParimaLa sAra Sangraha” which enabled all VaishNavas (who know Kannada) enjoy the bliss of knowing Shri rAyara parimalA gramtha. The whole vaishanava community is extremely grateful for this great work of Shri ShripAdaru.

Shri Shri ShripAdaru has unparalleled pravachana chAturya, especially discourses on Shrimadh bhAgavatha gramtha, Shrimadh Hari Katha Amrutha sAra, Shri vyAsa/dAsa sAhithya gramthas and takes the audience to ecstasy of Hari bhakthi. For the current generation sadh VaishNavas, Shri ShripAdaru is one the best Shri parama hamsaru who gives sUktha parihAra for all the samshayas (shAstra sandEha).

Shri ShripAdaru has delivered more than 2000 Shrimadh Bhagavatha sapthAhas till now. Words cannot explain the bliss experienced listening to the wonderful Shrimadh Bhagavatha pravachana of Shri ShripAdaru.